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    Uniquely Boutique

    Boutique Hotels are springing up all over the country, and many guests enjoy the uniqueness and personality they exude. Although brand-name chains are more conscience than ever about personalized services and design, boutique hotels contain their own unique style and creative atmosphere which makes them special. Simply stated, a boutique hotel doesn't look or feel like a chain, even though it is often part of a larger hotel group.As designers, the JAI team appreciates the individuality that bout...  Read More...

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    15 Years of Branding Together

    Hotel branding is one of the most dominant trends in the hospitality industry. A hotel’s brand is more than just the colors they select or their logo design. Their brand is an experience.   Read More...

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    Blending, Shaping and Defining Experiences

    The Story Behind JAIby Jacki ArenaYou could say I’m in the business of blending, shaping and defining spaces for both business and leisure travel.It all started when I was a young teenager from Wisconsin who took a trip to La Jolla Beach, California, for the first time. That trip would be the catalyst for my journey into design. Something stirred in my heart as we passed beautiful ocean front estate homes and pristine properties located up on the hillsides.   Read More...

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