Hotel branding is one of the most dominant trends in the hospitality industry. A hotel’s brand is more than just the colors they select or their logo design. Their brand is an experience. It’s the emotion behind what guests feel, see, taste, or encounter when they interact with a particular hotel on any level. It’s the perception, the promise, the reputation, and the nuances that makes one hotel different from all of the others.

As an interior design firm that has worked exclusively with the hospitality industry over the last 15 years, JAI has executed complex design projects within brand guidelines for an outstanding resume of clients, as well as had the distinct privilege of participating in the research and design for hotel prototypes. It’s our job to reflect each hotel chain’s unique image in every choice we make—from the lobby, guest rooms and restaurants to the fitness center, business center and pool deck. We also add regional-centric design choices that reflect the location’s culture and charm. It’s our job to think strategically, and make physical space an extension of each hotels brand message.

The hospitality industry is competitive, so hotel executives opening new locations or renovating existing facilities trust working with JAI. We are given the opportunity to position their hotels for success by fully understanding why integrating brand and space together creates experiences that are cohesive, memorable, trustworthy, and profitable.

Because branding enhances the customer’s overall experience and perception of value, managing brand recognition throughout the entire interior design process is critical. It’s more than simply using guidelines to create uniform aesthetics, it’s understanding how the brand strategically helps boost customer loyalty. This is true for national chains, as well as for smaller, independently-owned boutique hotels.

JAI is proud of the brands who have trusted our design expertise over the last 15 years and look forward to the new brands we will serve in 2017 and beyond.