In our previous article From Concept to Construction: Part 1 Unique Renovations, we discussed the process of starting a hotel renovation and the essential considerations for interior design success. In Part 2, we are providing an insider’s glance at what designers look for when they perform a final walk through of a renovation project.

Interior designers are an integral part of the construction process. Upon completion of an installation it is crucial for designers to do a final walk through of the building to ensure all items are installed as intended and to gain an opportunity to make final adjustments if needed. Unfortunately, every detail shown on paper doesn’t always translate to the built environment as proposed. When these details are overlooked, they need to be brought to attention quickly to allow enough time to implement changes prior to project completion.

A final walk through also provides an excellent opportunity to note what aspects were executed successfully and what we could do differently in the future.

There are numerous items and details to make note of as we walk through completed projects. Recently, two of the JAI designers performed a walk through of one of our renovation projects. They took careful note of the “well done” and “should have been better.” The notes from the evaluation shed light onto how critical this assessment can be for our client’s success.

As interior designers, it is critical for us to visit our work sites so neither our client’s goals nor our design are compromised. In-person evaluations and maintaining a sense of collaboration and close coordination between the JAI team and other relevant subcontractors is pivotal in ensuring a hotel renovation is completed on schedule and exceeds owner expectations. Our clients depend on the value JAI delivers through our commitment to high-quality standards and integrity.