Thoughtful Design Boosts Hotel Revenue

The hospitality industry is all about serving guests and giving them a memorable experience.  As a hospitality design firm, JAI has the task of designing hotels in such a way that guests experience comfort and pleasure, while at the same time delivering interiors that match brand standards. Our designers understand the needs of both business and leisure travelers.  

When a design is executed properly, it can ultimately boost hotel revenue.

Design Starts with the Experience

While at a hotel, many guests spend most of their time in their room, so it’s essential to plan for a welcoming, relaxing ambiance. A spacious floor plan, soothing color palette, appealing finishes, and comfortable furnishings all add to an enjoyable stay.  In addition, guests appreciate the thought behind well-placed outlets, USB ports, and charging stations in their room. Technology is no longer just a necessity for the business traveler–everyone is using it.

The room design is not the only one that makes a lasting impression. A guest’s first impression is the lobby. They need an immediate sense of what to expect from their stay. A skilled hospitality designer will set a positive mood that starts in the lobby and extends to the guest rooms, breakfast area, restaurants, hallways, conference rooms, pool deck, fitness center, and other interior offerings.

Quality design doesn’t just demand a creative mind, it also requires research and strategy. We keep a keen eye on the industry as a whole, so we know our clients’ competitors well. We strive to give our hotels a competitive edge wherever possible.

But, how does all of this translate into higher revenue? Here are just three ways design affects booking selection, room rates, and customer loyalty.

#1: “I’m ready for my closeup.”

Consumers are drawn to images. In this day, where information is accessible online over many different channels, a guest is far more likely to select a hotel based on what they see. Having a picture-ready design will make the photographer’s job easy and will create better eye-candy for someone looking to book a room.

#2: “Yes, I’ll take the bigger room.”

If there are options for a guest to upgrade to a bigger or better room or suite, a good design can seal the deal on getting them to say “Yes!” Designers play an important role in the strategy behind how to make a guest’s stay more luxurious, convenient, and comfortable. We tap into hotel guests’ felt needs so they won’t mind spending a little more to get a few extra amenities.

#3: “Always and forever.”

Business fluctuation can seem unavoidable in the hospitality industry, as external factors, like holidays, weather, and local events play into bookings. A hospitality design firm like JAI can help clients think through how to keep their hotel destination appealing year round. Business travel happens 12-months out of the year. Our designers know how to plan hotels to attract professionals who want more out of their stay.  Once you get them to book their initial stay, a positive experience will keep them coming back. Design plays an important role in building customer loyalty.

Meeting Your Design Needs

If you are designing a hotel or your hotel is ready for a renovation, it is imperative to work with a design firm that understands the implications of how exceptional design will affect your bottom line. It’s possible to receive a quality, thoughtful design that stays within your brand standards and keeps your budget in line. Learn more about how JAI is committed to Design that Makes a Difference.

Contact JAI today for an initial design consultation, and let’s work together to boost your revenue.