Today, travelers are looking for more than a comfortable bed and relaxing space when they decide on their trip’s accommodations. Technology has a bigger place than it ever has in the hospitality industry. Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are now beneficial to hotels in many aspects of a guests’ visit— from booking and entertainment to design and décor. 

Here are a few ways JAI can help incorporate these new and exciting technology features into your hotel design.  

#1 Excite Guests Before The Visit

Many hotels have begun to incorporate virtual hotel tours through AR apps or 360 Virtual Reality (VR) so guests can get a full grasp of what the rooms, lobby, amenities, pool, and other areas looks like before they book their stay. JAI can create impressive and striking designs that will inspire the guests to commit to your hotel upon viewing the photographs. It’s a simple (and digital) way to be a leader in the hospitality industry and a cut above your competitors. 

#2 Wow with AI Décor

Incorporating AI into your lobby’s décor is an easy way to guarantee your guests have a memorable experience when checking in. Utilizing interactive screens, QR codes, and other interactive features like VR headsets can make your lobby a place for entertainment and take your guest to a whole new world, even if it’s only virtually. 

Art that includes a QR code engages guests as they scan and then receive display information on their phone about the history of the piece or the location. Features like these can even be turned into a scavenger hunt for guests, using an app and the AI functions of the hotel to “collect” certain art pieces or landmarks around the hotel or surrounding area.

#3 Make The Whole Stay Stress-Free

The integration of AR/AI/VR can help to personalize a guest’s stay and make them want to come back again and again. For example, once a guest arrives at the hotel, AR can serve as their guide through the hotel, as well as provide a digital key to their room. An app can be used to scan the room to find amenities, power and USB ports, and other essentials. 

“Hey, Alexa!” Many modern day homes are using technology to control the lighting, use as the TV remote, and adjust the temperature of their room. Guests are beginning to expect the same ease when they travel. JAI can easily incorporate design features into rooms that are customized to work with Alexa-like assistants and the integration of hotel mobile apps. 

Today’s travelers—whether business or leisure —are looking for hotels that are keeping up with modern technology. By incorporating AR/AI/VR into your hospitality business, you’ll be able to capture the attention of your guests and put yourself at the top of the list when they are considering booking their next trip. 

Working with an expert in hospitality design is essential to combining thoughtful, innovative design with today’s technological advances. JAI can help you stay ahead of the curve as we implement our mission of Design that Makes a Difference