Any hospitality designer would agree that working in this industry requires great patience and perseverance. From the beginning of a project, there are always hurdles to jump –  from obtaining permits to even battling lawsuits. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

For two years now, obstacles have delayed the demolition of the 27-room Miramar Beach Motel on St. Pete Beach, forcing developers to press pause on plans to build the new Miramar Beach Resort in its place. After a lengthy process, the project finally has the green light, and I am thrilled to announce that JAI will be designing in our own backyard once again.

The Design That Makes A Difference Model

With every new opportunity, I place tremendous thought on all facets of the project and how the work will impact my team. Being asked to work on the Miramar Beach Resort was an effortless decision as we had the honor of building a relationship with this client while working together on the Cambria Hotel in Madeira Beach, FL. This is a client, a relationship, a location, and a product that all meet my filter for Design That Makes a Difference.

Interesting Facts 

For this project’s developers, it’s been a long road to get to this point. Starting back in 2017, the City of St. Pete Beach adopted a moratorium to prevent new development or redevelopment that would increase sewer flow until additional capacity was provided. The goal was to ensure sanitary sewer overflows did not occur. This means that no new builds or even new toilets have been added during the last six years. 

In 2020, construction finally began to resolve the sewer issues. Sarah Laracuente, St. Pete Beach public information officer, said,  “As of the commencement date of the sewer upgrade project, businesses can now pull permits; however, they cannot obtain a certificate of occupancy until the sewer project is completed.” That completion date is just around the corner now as workers are closing in on the final month of pipework.

This long-awaited upgrade will increase sewer capacity, allowing new development and redevelopment projects, like The Miramar Beach Resort, the first new build on St. Pete Beach.

Getting Inspired

The 54-room luxury Miramar Beach Resort will be steps away from the iconic Don Cesar and boast stunning Gulf views from the rooftop pool and bar! 

We will pull inspiration from St. Pete’s fabulous art, music, food, and culture to begin our design concept. Several team members call this area home, so we are naturally drawn to the relaxed sophistication and overall beach vibe this location offers. Our concept will blend the client’s vision with the regional story of St. Pete Beach as we add in some unexpected delights. 

Given the beach location, our design will directly connect to nature and, of course, the beautiful views. We want the walls to open up as much as possible to the outdoors as we create spaces that are light and airy, very spa-like, serene, and ultra-sexy! All of our materials, fabrics, finishes, etc., will be purposefully selected as they will have intense salt air, sand, and sunscreen exposure.

A Local Tribute

The Miramar Beach Motel, built in 1953, has become part of the St. Pete Beach local community. Developers of the new property met opposition from those who know and love the original motel. We are not trying to erase those memories. Instead, we hope to honor the history of the Miramar Beach Motel and highlight those sentimental connections while creating a new treasure for locals and visitors alike. 

JAI’s mission is Design That Makes A Difference. Our passion is helping clients tell a story that will connect emotionally with their guests. We know the design of this spectacular project will impact guests and keep them returning year after year. 

*The Miramar Beach Resort is tentatively scheduled to open  in December of 2023*