The Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport is located inside the airport’s main terminal. Its prime location puts guests within minutes of airport shops, trendy restaurants, local nightlife and some of Orlando’s best kept secrets. The Hyatt Regency is known for its unparalleled service, convenient location, and premium accommodations, but in 2016 the airport hotel required renovations to its 445 guest rooms and corridors.

In November 2016, JAI was thrilled to learn we were selected as the interior designers for one of Forbes Top 10 Airport Hotels in America. It was also the first government-owned project awarded to the JAI team.

Since the hotel is directly inside the airport, Hyatt Regency and the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) are both our clients. In addition, Hyatt Regency corporate recently launched new guestroom standards and we were one of the first designers to follow the new brand guidelines. All of these components presented new hurdles, but JAI has never shied away from challenges.

Considering the Guest

Orlando is home to one of the most frequented international airports in the country. This hotel is often the start and finish for domestic and international visitors. Many stay here the first night they fly into Orlando, leave for other destinations, and then return again, hoping for a good night’s sleep and convenience before they depart the next day.

The domestic business traveler may have an important meeting on International Drive in the morning, return for a break in the late afternoon, only to leave again and meet clients or business connections for dinner and cocktails well into the night. Long days require the comforts of home and a place of respite, as well as the technology conveniences for easy work access from their room.

Orlando Hyatt Regency gets many international travelers with an average stay of one night. Imagine traveling for up to twelve hours only to have a long layover in Orlando. This guest is exhausted, most likely on a very different sleep schedule, and needs to be able to put the busyness of the day behind him or her and sleep in serenity and darkness no matter the time of day.

A unique feature of this hotel is an option for Day Use Rooms. That means, for the guests with long layovers, there is also an option to reserve a room for just enough time to catch a nap and then continue powering through the remainder of their journey.  This is also a great option for families traveling with children. Day Use Rooms allow kids to stretch and get the wiggles out between flights in a pleasant place.

No matter what type of guest comes their way, creating a refreshing retreat is an excellent fit for every traveler.

Crafting the Design

Having studied the guest experience and discussing the direction of the design with our clients, we embarked on creating a light and airy space that will also provide the traveler with the Greater Orlando Experience.  Surprisingly, GOAA and Hyatt Regency–who knows their guests better than anyone–determined that experience does not include Orlando’s most reputable mouse.

The walls, sofa, and drapery will consist of pale neutrals and textures while the casegoods will be a soft washed finish with light stone tops and metal accents. Each room will feel visually expansive with the use of a soft striped carpet that draws the eye from the entry door to the windows across the room. Bright, fresh accents will be found in the floral drapery side panels, the textured coral desk chair fabric and the fun modern palm and speckled accent pillows. Various sources of lighting throughout the room will help to create any atmosphere that suits the guests’ needs.

Getting approval from everyone involved has not always been a simple process.  Imagine designing a room in your house and needing a common approval from 35+ family members. The project management of this hotel continues to prove that designers are more than just creative people–we are listeners, negotiators, communicators and mediators.

It has been quite an honor as well as an opportunity to create Design That Makes a Difference for both the domestic and international traveler and all Hyatt Regency guests.

The model room preview has been reviewed and the renovation is scheduled to be completed by Winter 2018.