At JAI, one thing we take great pride in is the relationships we have built with our clients over the years. This project was brought to us by a client I have been working with for over 20 years. Located in historic Beaufort, NC, The Inn and Bistro at Front Street Village will feature 133 room accommodations, a bistro and bar with a waterfront view and outdoor dining, a 4500 sq ft. ballroom, and other guest amenities. Guests can expect a luxurious experience while enjoying easy access to all that Beaufort has to offer. Surrounded by scenic tidal marshland and views of the Atlantic Ocean, Front Street Village possesses a pleasant and relaxed coastal lifestyle drawing from Cape Cod influences.

The location is breathtaking – the sights, tastes, and smells for the full experience are truly inspirational. We want guests to experience the casual sophistication of Beaufort. We want them to feel the serenity and beauty of the water around them even while in their room, in a meeting, or at the bar. Beaufort is also a big wedding destination, so, in addition to the leisure traveler and the business traveler, we also had to consider a bride-to-be who has a particular vision of her wedding day and the surroundings.

From the Floor Up

Working with some unique reclaimed maple hardwood flooring as well as red brick pavers the client had on hand at the start of the project provided some fun challenges that stretched our team creatively as we moved from concept to design development. As we incorporated the wood into the design, the result was an added richness to the overall aesthetic of the public areas we could all be proud of.  We are always happy to incorporate a client’s own material as long as it does not change or alter the overall aesthetic of the design intent we were hired to achieve originally.

A significant design shift for most hotel guestrooms at the moment is from carpet to LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), so it was critical we find the right color and finish for our flooring, as it would become the foundation of the room. We then used two contrasting wood tones in the casegoods requiring softer elements. The team incorporated accessories with a rounder shape to balance all the hard edges and surfaces like bedside pendants with natural rope accents, a mirror at the desk with leather hanger, a semi-upholstered cocktail table at the sofa, and turned legs of the bathroom vanity.

The geometric rug provides a somewhat traditional pattern in a modern colorway. Lush upholstery on the sofa and chair along with the upholstered TV panel and thick linen drapery all work together to balance and soften the room as well.

The Beauty of Beaufort

The coastal palette of the region provided us with various shades of blue, tan, and white. Beaufort porch ceilings are typically blue, so we carried the idea into the rooms in lieu of the standard white.

Since we were given a fairly generous ceiling height in the rooms, we used a flat crown molding typical of Beaufort and dropped it down from the ceiling several inches so the color could spill down onto the walls. To top off the design, we used a variety of metal accents in the room such as champagne brass light fixtures, drawer and door pulls, and matte black plumbing fixtures in the bath.

Design that Makes a Difference 

Being a boutique hotel without many brand standards to follow in a fabulous location allowed us the creative freedom that appeals to any and all designers! We want to work with clients who trust our design expertise and who desire to make a difference through the design we create for them.

It is such a satisfying feeling to know that all the time, energy, and passion we put into this design will be felt in the long-lasting memories made by the guest staying here. Putting your heart into the design will always be reflected in the final product.  I believe, if your heart isn’t in it, move on to something that is, our time here is too short for it not to matter.