Throughout my 25-year career, there have been a handful of pivotal moments that changed the way I think. Times when I was forced to push through my comfort zone and learn from obstacles. Through these life-changing experiences, I have grown creatively and formed unique relationships that have ultimately led to even greater opportunities. Designing a fabric for the anniversary of LebaTex was one of these breakthrough moments.

Where it all Began

My relationship with LebaTex began with Stacy Garcia.

Stacy and I met in the spring of 2002 at a networking event in Las Vegas. Our meeting came just one year after I started JAI. We instantly connected, and our friendship has only grown throughout the years. It’s a relationship filled with mutual respect and admiration. We are each other’s biggest cheerleaders!

The LebaTex Anniversary

When Stacy and I met, she had just launched LebaTex. For 20 years, I have observed and celebrated the tremendous impact that LebaTex has made on our industry. To commemorate such a milestone anniversary, Stacy reached out to 20 design firms that have supported her on LebaTex’s journey to success.

Each designer was asked to design a pattern that represents them to be released under LebaTex M.O.D patterns. This program is a unique custom fabric solution that allows designers to create a one-of-a-kind fabric without high minimums. Given my admiration for Stacy and LebaTex, being asked to participate in this was a deeply humbling experience!

Inspired by the Palm Tree

As a Wisconsin native, I was truly impacted when I saw my first palm tree in person. I remember how it made me feel as I watched the palms gently blow in the breeze. At that moment, I knew I needed to live where palms would surround me.

That singular moment shaped my belief that nature is the purest form of beauty. A great design includes the perfect balance of organic and geometric elements. This philosophy became the foundation for my pattern design.


For my design, I took the palm leaf I love so much and combined it with a classic chevron pattern. To complete the design, I threw in a bit of camo because, after all, who doesn’t love camo!

The Process and the Challenges

The six-month design process was thrilling from beginning to end. Once I found my inspiration, my vision was digitized by the LebaTex team. From there, I selected base cloths, three final colorways, and colorway names – the details were overwhelming yet exciting!

My biggest challenge was simply naming the pattern. Struggling with this task, Stacy suggested I lean into my faith, thinking about how the palm is represented in the Bible. Her direction sent me on a search where I found this description:

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: The Hebrew word “flourish” used here means: to bloom or blossom; to spread or grow; to fly (as extending the wings); to break forth; to break out; to spring up. To “flourish like a palm tree” means to stand tall and to live long.“

“Flourish” said it all! We added “Divine” to avoid confusing the name with a similar Stacy Garcia product, and just like that, “Divine Flourish” was born.

A Dream Come True

Stacy Garcia is a force in the commercial, healthcare, and, most recently, residential interior design community. She is an internationally renowned designer, a forward-thinking product designer, and an industry trendsetter. I cherish her friendship and am grateful for her unwavering support over the years.

Creating something so meaningful for such an industry visionary made this entire process even more special. It was a privilege and nothing short of divine.

Seeing my first fabric pattern come to life was a career highlight, and I have Stacy to thank. “Divine Flourish” is a true work of art straight from my heart.