The Narrative: Our Compass Throughout Every Design 

Every property has a neighborhood story or historical connection to share. Our passion is to weave those unique details into a story that will connect emotionally with our client’s guests. Enter – the design narrative. 

Whether required by the brand or not, this tool has become our compass for the entire design process. The narrative gives the brand, and the client, a clear understanding of our “why” and our design direction.


A strong design narrative drives clear communication for the overall design aesthetic and project goals while identifying key design attributes. It’s an invaluable tool, ultimately creating the framework that forms the comprehensive design concept.

When we begin our narrative research, our main objective is to identify the fun little tidbits that make a location special. We focus on those characteristics and determine what can be emphasized through design. The design narrative then unfolds piece by piece and eventually becomes a built environment experienced by guests. 


 On occasion, our research pulls us in different directions, allowing us to provide multiple narratives for the client to choose from. For the Gateway Dunedin Development, we provided two potential directions – the history of the local orange groves and the Scottish heritage of Dunedin.

While presenting our design narratives, we found out that our client’s father had a strong connection to walking down orange groves and picking fruit. This detail emotionally impacted him and his family, which significantly enhanced our design. Incorporating cherished photographs of our client’s father in the groves will be artfully showcased throughout the property as our interior spaces create a fresh, natural, and ethereal environment late 2023. 


Creating a story for Marriott’s dual-brand Courtyard and SpringHill Suites meant our design of each property needed to remain consistent with brand standards while staying thoughtfully connected at the core. After being inspired by the natural beauty of Amelia Island, we created two narratives that became compliments to this gorgeous island paradise. 

Guests will experience the light, bright, and airy feel of the space from the moment they walk into the Courtyard. Our design narrative centered around the unique Amelia Island wildlife, with the color palette remaining soft and muted throughout, using light wood tones pulled from the area’s landscape.  

The SpringHill Suites design highlights the playfulness of the location’s surf. Bold colors, warmer wood tones, and geometric architectural features create movement that energizes guests who are ready to catch a few waves. 


I don’t usually play favorites, but the SpringHill Suites in Asheville, NC is pretty special. Set in Enka, just outside of Asheville, NC, this little district has gained significant popularity for new building development. In 2023, our hotel will become part of that new development.

Our design narrative was inspired by the rich industrial textiles of this historic area. By emphasizing natural, woven textures against more polished details, our design captures a modern mountain experience true to the area’s culture.


 Historic renovations allow us the opportunity to research a building’s specific history and continue an existing story that was once its heartbeat.  

Housed in the former Laclede National Bank built back in 1888, the Hilton in St. Louis will be modernized while preserving the original architectural details. Our narrative took the rich history of the physical location and combined it with the vibrant, urban culture of the city itself. Together these dynamics will create a historically modern space. We can’t wait to unveil the final product later this year.


Something special happens when you take a region’s story and breathe new life into it. That’s what we love about creating a design narrative –  finding those hidden gems that will tell the right story, a story that will become the foundation of the experience we provide guests. That’s how our design makes a difference.