Behind The Design: Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport 

Located inside the Orlando International Airport main terminal, the Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport Hotel is the perfect respite location for travelers, business or leisure alike. With over 47 million annual passengers bustling through it, the hotel’s convenient location and 4-star accommodations make it one of the best lodging choices in Orlando, Florida.

JAI designed the hotel’s 445 guest rooms and suites and interior corridors, which were all created with the guest experience in mind.


When the JAI design team approaches any project, we start by telling the story of the guests that will be staying there. Because the Orlando International Airport attracts such widely diverse travelers, we had many personas to consider. 

While the airport is close to many Orlando attractions, guests who come for Disney and Universal Studio often opt to stay at resorts in or near those parks. That eliminated any need to reference a certain famous mouse. 

Our guest story revolved around international and domestic travelers who were coming to the airport:  

  • To conduct business with Orlando’s business district. Professionals rely on the convenience of the location to keep them running on time for important meetings, as well as for their next flight. 
  • To attend critical, life-changing appointments and medical care at Nemours Children’s Hospital. Families need a peaceful, relaxing place to stay in close proximity to the hospital. They may be parents who are staying for an extended time and are possibly juggling the critical care needs of one child while needing thoughtful accommodations for their additional children.
  • To find fun and adventure at other popular nearby Orlando features, like the Orlando Watersports Complex or the Orlando Kart Center. Whether traveling with family or with other thrill-seekers, these recreational guests are looking for popular, needed a place to unwind after a long day of physical activity. 
  • To attend events at the Orange County Convention Center. Whether for concerts, or business conventions, the location allows for the convenience of proximity and allows for an ease of mind to catch your flight the next morning. 

It’s obvious that these three types of guests have a lot of different needs, which is why we had to shift our focus to what they all had in common. 


Under the direction of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA), JAI had to have outstanding communication and collaboration to manage all of the parts of this project. Lead guestroom designer, Sharli Young, and lead suites designer, Dan Garner, worked closely with GOAA and the hotel operators to narrow down the single common design ingredient the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport guests wanted most. 


Travel can be stressful, even when traveling for the best reason. So when a guest returns to their room after a day of meetings, physical activities or long appointments, taking time to relax is paramount. At the end of the day, a simple place to sleep or prepare for the next day is what is most needed.

The Design Features:

  • The walls, sofa, and drapery consist of pale neutrals and textures, with pops of coral in the guest rooms and teal in the suites.
  • Casegoods that are a soft washed finish with light stone tops and metal accents. 
  • Soft striped carpet that draws the eye from the entry door to the windows across the room, making each room feel visually expansive. 
  • Floral drapery side panels, textured desk chair fabric, and fun accent pillows 
  • Various, flexible sources of lighting throughout the room to create the optimal atmosphere or ambiance the guest desires.

A unique feature of this hotel is an option for Day Use Rooms. That means, for the guests with long layovers, there is also an option to reserve a room for just enough time to catch a nap and then continue powering through the remainder of their journey.  This is also a great option for families traveling with children. Day Use Rooms allow kids to stretch and get the wiggles out between flights in a pleasant place.

JAI’s ultimate goal was achieved. We created a unique and remarkable space while developing an emotional connection for each guest that comes to stay at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Hotel. 

The intent of our design is to always make an impact on the guest’s experience, even if just for a brief period. That’s the whole mission of Design that Makes a Difference.


Designing for the complexity of a hotel the size of the airport hotel required an expert design team with experience in hospitality and branded design.

Within the 445 guestrooms and suites, the JAI team strategized to renovate over sixty different room types. While keeping a unique theme of the Greater Orlando Experience, we also had to maintain the brand standards and consistency of the Hyatt Regency.  

Since this was our first Hyatt Regency project, we really enjoyed getting to know their team and the brand’s story. Excellent communication and honest relationships were important for obtaining approvals and keeping the project in budget and on schedule. The hotel’s project management validated our team as more than just talented, creative people–they saw us as skilled listeners, negotiators, communicators, and mediators. 

“We are working with Jacki and her team on the Hyatt Regency 445 room renovation at the Orlando Airport. Just to give you an idea of how good the ID drawings were; on a government public bid there was a 1% difference between the two low bidders. JAI is a great group to work with and, if you are looking for a new interior group, I would strongly recommend you meet with Jacki.”  –General Contractor, Mark Knott with T&G Constructors 

JAI has never shied away from challenges. We look forward to the many new project opportunities ahead of us and would be glad to speak with you about your upcoming hospitality design needs. 
Let us show you how JAI is committed to creating an identity for your brand with Design that Makes a Difference.