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Something you may not know about me:   

“I crafted artisanal candles from recycled wine bottles, showcasing and selling them at a winery in Australia.”


senior designer

Whitney’s design career commenced at JAI, where she honed her skills on diverse hospitality projects. She then followed her heart to Australia, where she contributed her expertise to world-renowned interior and architecture firms. Over a decade later, she has returned to us as a Senior Designer. 

“Returning to JAI after all these years holds immense significance for me. I look forward to embracing the opportunities for my ongoing personal and professional development in the journey ahead with JAI.”

Whitney holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa. Her portfolio spans luxury hotels, upscale residences, expansive apartment complexes, and commercial spaces. Her broad experience reflects her versatility in navigating different aspects of interior design.